Simple Tips to Maintain Your WordPress Websites

WordPress is a relatively simple and easy to use content management system but it delivers robust user performance and has lots of support for users. Most businesses still opt for WordPress website design to build their web platforms. It is a highly scalable and versatile platform that can be put to varied uses.

wordpress website design

While professional WordPress website design is important, the heavy lifting required to make sure the platform delivers for your business begins after the design work is complete. Businesses must invest in the best WordPress website maintenance to ensure that the website is healthy and delivering on their needs and expectations. Good maintenance will lead to better ecommerce performance, content delivery, speedy websites and also ward off potential cyber attacks.

Here are some important tips that you can incorporate on your WordPress website with the help of a Leicester web design agency to ensure that your WP site is performing at a top level.

Backing up the website

If you are running a WordPress website, this is something that you must always do. It is advisable to do it on a regular basis based on the frequency within which you are adding your content. A monthly backup of the site is generally ideal. WordPress backups can be done via the hosting provider or manually by downloading a copy of the WordPress website through FTP.

Make sure all plugins are up to date

All software that you used must be updated in order to ensure that they are working properly and are also secure. The same applies to your WordPress plugins. Like the website backups, it is best to have the plugins updated on a monthly basis. If you lack the technical skills for this or lack the time to constantly monitor your WordPress website, you can entrust this to web design services in Leicester that specialize in WordPress websites.

Avoid new plugins

It is common for many WordPress plugins on their website in order to bring out various kinds of functionality on their website. However, before you try out any new plugin on your WordPress website, it is important to ensure that it has been vetted properly by the best WordPress website design agency so that they can be satisfied as safe for use. If you are not technically inclined or unfamiliar with WordPress, you can leave all your WordPress website updates to a professional WordPress website design agency that knows what it is doing.

Installing any new plugins to your WordPress websites can create security risks or create conflicts that will interfere with your website programming and possibly take down  your website. If you don’t want to leave your site vulnerable, it is necessary to leave the plugin installations to the professionals. WordPress website design and development teams can even create custom plugins that are uniquely suited to your requirements.

Invest in professional website security

Website downtimes are not just a nightmare, they cost your business a lot of money especially if it is a high traffic WordPress website delivering lots of sales. It is, therefore, important to invest in professional WordPress website security. Many of these are premium services that are subscription-based but the price is worth it.

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