Diamond Doctors Are Swindlers

Nothing gets more irritating than knowing that you are paying for something that is not worth your money. The experience that I had with diamond doctors is probably one of the worst. Despite living in a third world country, the diamond overgrading of the said company is even worse compared to the corruption done by my home country. So, if you don’t want to be a fool like me, then read my story. This is going to be pretty long but reading this will be all worth it, trust me.

diamond overgrading

So, I left the Philippines to work here in America. I was able to do so because some of my friends who are already here gave me a boost. I was a physics professor in one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines and because of that, I am still able to pursue my teaching profession in a community college. Because teaching does not really give out a good pay, I work two jobs just to support myself and my family of 6 in the Philippines. I work 14 hours a day only to be ripped off by diamond overgrading. Great!

My oldest daughter graduated magna cum laude in the university that I used to teach at. Being the proud father that I am, I saved a lot of money to give my daughter a necklace and a pendant to go with it. I am a huge fan of the American culture and that includes football, being from the Dallas area, the Cowboys are growing on me. When I learned that the mentioned company is their official jeweler, I did my research and asked a lot of friends. Their answers are unanimous: the company is a superb jewelry provider.  Upon hearing that, I rang their phone right away. Unaware that I’ll be a victim of thediamond overgrading Dallas has. Check at diamond doctor over grading

The phone rep was awesome, she was kind and sounded smart. After the conversation, we scheduled my appointment. When I came into the building, their staff greeted me and we went to business right away. They sounded very knowledgeable of their product believe me. Because of that, I was pretty sure that I am doing the right thing.

Being the skeptic that I am, I went to a friend of mine who is a mineralogist. He told me that he is going to do some tests and that I will need to leave the jewelry to him. After a few days, he told me that although the diamonds and the silver were not bogus, their quality is subpar compared to the amount that they are worth. He also told me that he repeated the test five times and they showed the same results over and over again.

I hated the fact that a person with a PhD like me can be a victim of diamond degrading. All the effort and time that I have exhausted to save up for that jewelry is wasted. Diamond doctors overgrading their jewelry is unbelievable compared to the reputation that they have. That just shows you that you can’t trust anybody today.