Five Smart Reasons Why Second Hand Cars Beaudesert Make More Sense

The value of a brand new car depreciates the second you drive it out of the dealership. This is why most car enthusiasts and owners suggest and prefer buying second hand cars. The reason behind this practical theory is that, you can save a big sum of money by letting first owners shoulder the cost of the new cars’ rapid depreciation during the first five years of purchase. Philip Reed, a Senior Consumer Advice editor from, even says that “I think it’s an extremely important way for a family on a budget to save money.” Here are five more reasons why buying second hand cars Beaudesert is a smarter choice:
As said earlier, depreciation is a huge factor that can help you save a lot of money. When used often, new vehicles depreciate in value up to 20% and most cars lose 10% of their value in the first five years – a whopping total of 30% in value for the first initial years of ownership. It also means that a car with a $25,000 price tag will lose $7,500 in value for that short period of time.
Though these cars are usually hard to find, there are one-year-old second hand cars Beaudesert, while two and three-year-old cars are easier to find. These young cars give owners all the chance to drive and sell them with small loss in equity. Most experts even say that buying two or three-year-old cars and driving them until you can’t drive them is the most practical way to own a car.
Reduce Registration Fees
The biggest determining factor of a car registration fee is the vehicle’s transaction price. Most states increase car registration fees to earn more revenue. If you choose used cars, you can easily stunt this increase as your car’s transaction price will show a smaller amount.
Reduce Insurance Costs
In regards to registration fees, the biggest key factor of determining a car insurance cost is through the vehicle’s value. Obviously, second hand vehicles have lesser values than their brand new counterparts, giving them more affordable insurance costs.
Reed also says that used car owners can save more money as some car elements in the car insurance can be dropped if you wish, like the “collision and theft.”
Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck
Stretching your money’s worth is another great benefit of buying second hand cars Beaudesert. You might not be able to purchase brand new luxury cars, but your money can be enough for three-year-old cars in great shape.
Most of us think that a 100,000-miler vehicle is the rule. Thanks to the competitive automobile market, cars with 200,000 mileage can be in good running condition as manufacturers pride in their product’s quality and longevity.
Easier Financing
As with the previous paragraph, buyers can get more conservative financing when buying used cars, especially the cheaper everyday model. Downpayments and monthly financing costs are way more manageable that even those on a tight budget can afford.
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Things to Do Immediately After Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, it’s good to know that the performance and lifespan of its major components depend on maintenance. No matter the model of the used car you intend to buy, it’s good to know what you should first once you get home. Again, you need to know whether you would buy the car from a car dealer or direct from the owner. It is great to see that the Kia Rio car specials Brisbane car dealers have today have received good reviews from different parts of the world. After you have taken your used car home, this is what you should do:


kia rio car specials brisbane


Change the motor oil

Changing the motor oil is something you should first do unless the dipstick is showing virgin or golden oil. Motor oil is the lifeblood of most motor engines. After changing the motor oil, you can now decide on the oil change interval. In the same way, you shouldn’t forget to change the oil filter. Don’t change to another oil product if the owner’s manual doesn’t instruct so. Most of those who deal with Kia Rio car specials Brisbane car dealers have today say that changing to a different type of oil may cause serious engine problems.

Flush the engine coolant

Heat is definitely the most hazardous adversary of any car engine. If the engine overheats, it won’t run smoothly and be in good condition for a long time. One of the best ways to enhance engine longevity is using the right coolant. Overheating may damage the warping engine components and other gaskets beyond repair. If you are not careful with the quality of coolant you are using, it may corrode expensive components someday. Anyone intending to buy any of the Kia Rio specials should find this fact crucial.

Replace brake fluid

One of the things you need to know about brake fluids is that they are usually glycol-based. They are usually hygroscopic meaning they naturally absorb water. Moisture contaminates the braking system and for this reason, it should be removed. Once the brake fluid sops up a lot of moisture, it thickens. Thick brake fluid cannot withstand corrosion and heat. Whether your car would be sitting in the garage most of the times or be driven a lot, the brake fluid gets compromised. That’s why it is good to change the brake fluid of any of the used Kia cars you buy.

Check the filters

Air is a crucial element that supports the combustion process that takes place under the hood. For this reason, the engine air filters should be inspected regularly. Most permanent or long-life air filters use cotton gauze or foam instead of paper to trap most of the air particles. However, they can do this if they are not frequently oiled and cleaned to be effective. In fact, air filters are some of the car components you should check when buying any of the used Kia Rio car specials Brisbane car dealers have today.

What you may need to do when buying a new Kia car is different from what you need to do when buying one of the Brisbane used cars. Some of the components may not be in good condition and you need to check them carefully. However, doing the four things above after buying a used car is crucial. Visit us online at

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