Basic Things You Should Know About the Singapore Grand Prix

Who doesn’t like the adrenaline that the smell of burnt rubber and the sight of racing beasts that zoom through the racetrack bring? We only imagine these things in our playrooms but they can be a reality with the knowledge of where to get affordable Singapore grand prix packages. Experiencing the Singapore grand prix personally is indeed an experience of a lifetime. It is as joyful as being able to buy Superbowl Tickets (those things are really hard to get).  However, to enjoy it even more, here are some things that you should know about the Singapore grand prix.

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What is it?

The Singapore grand prix is a racing event that is held in the Marina Bay Racing Circuit in Singapore. It is a Formula One race which means that the cars that are used in this race are sanctioned by the FIA (Federation Internatinale de I’Automobile). In addition to that, these cars are required to meet the standard specifications: they can only reach a speed of up to 360 kilometers per hour and must be limited to a maximum power of 15,000 RPM (rounds per minute).


Before you go look for Singapore grand prix packages, it would be much better if you know the rules (at least the basic ones). The Singapore grand prix is a race of the racing machines that are within the strict regulations of the FIA (Federation Internatinale de I’Automobile). It is composed of sixty one laps measuring 5.067 kilometers long each. The total length of the race is more than three hundred and nine kilometers long which usually lasts for more or less than an hour. The first racing machine to cross the finish line will be the winner.


Another thing that you should know before looking for Singapore grand prix packages is the history of the event itself. The Singapore grand prix was first organized in 1961 and was originally called the Orient Year Grand prix. A year later, it was renamed to Malaysian Grand Prix. However, when Singapore got its independence in 1965, the race that was held on the Thomas Road Circuit is now known as the Singapore Grand Prix. Sadly, the event encountered a hiatus for a couple of years (1972 and 1973) due to the increase in traffic and accidents.

The Track

The tracks used in the race are basically concrete roads. Despite the fact that the track has underwent minor changes, the layout and other aspects of the track remain the same. It is a circuit full of twists which makes it the slowest running formula circuit, but, the most challenging one.

No matter what sport you like, it is important to know it so that you can enjoy it better. So, whether you like horse racing and you are already planning to book a Melbourne cup package, make sure you know the rules and the history first. In addition to that, remember to be cost effective at all times. It is okay to spend money on leisure but be careful to not let anybody rip you off. So, before booking those Australian open packages or whatever sporting package that is for that matter, make sure you know your source.