All about watches made of wood

Watches have been in existence since 17th century, from the idea of the spring powered clocks, which evolved in the 14th century. Until 20th century, they were motorized by a winding main spring which stimulated the gears and then turned the hands. Then the Quartz watches were invented in 1960. They worked on electricity. During 1980s, the quartz watches had taken over the market. Meanwhile, mechanical watches still stay at the top levels of the market. A wrist watch is basically a tiny time piece that is intended to work (show time) in spite of the motions caused by a person’s activity. It allows us to stay updated with time. There are many models of watches present in today’s market, but a wooden watch has taken the interests of fashionable people nowadays.

wooden watch

Wood and craft

Wooden watch, as the name suggests, is made of 100% natural wood except the metallic hands and few internal parts. A wooden watch adds a perfect flavour to a person’s personality. Wooden watches are gorgeous, stylish and attractive watches that unite nature and time into a wonderful wooden time piece. They are the finest luxury pieces one can ever have. Watch made of wood is a creative craftsmanship of an artist. Women have also taken a lot of interest on watches made of wood. Check at WeWOOD

There are many renowned watch companies that give us the opportunity to add a wooden watch to our wardrobe. They also offer handcrafted, authentic and luxury wood watches for women. High quality wooden watches are made of high class wood. They come in attractive models for every style.

Wood watches for women

A person wearing a watch always looks nice and a wooden watch always amplifies the look. These watches can be worn during the office hours also, making one’s colleagues jealous. Either attending official conference or going to a party, one can always grab a wooden watch and make a perfect blend of style and nature.

There is no need to worry about the clothing that would complement a wooden watch. It goes well with about everything a woman wears. It brings nothing but compliments from people around. Though wooden watches may look bulky and heavy, but they weigh a lot less as because they are made of wood. Many of these watches display date, which makes life a lot easier. These watches could actually be a great present to your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, you name it.

Natural wood watches are environment friendly, biodegradable, free from chemicals. They are also friendly to our skin. Sometimes, watches having leather or metal straps cause irritation to our skin. But a wooden watch will never cause anything like that. In a way, they can also be termed as bio-watches. Thus, being stylish and trendy, the wooden watches are also safe for the environment. Hence, one must have at least one wooden watch for himself or herself.

For more information on the prices and styles of wooden watches available, one can simply visit the website of the sellers.